Revel Release v0.9.0

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Justin Li pushrax released this a month ago · 10 commits to master since this release

Revel GitHub Organization

We've moved development of the framework to the @revel GitHub organization, to help manage the project as Revel grows. The old import path is still valid, but will not be updated in the future.

You'll need to manually update your apps to work with the new import path. This can be done by replacing all instances of with in your app, and running:

$ cd your_app_folder
$ go get -u  # needs updating
$ go get
$ go get     # command line tools have moved
Note: if you have references to in any files, you need to replace them with before replacing! (note the prefix collision)

If you have any trouble upgrading or notice something we missed, feel free to hop in the IRC channel (#revel on Freenode) or send the mailing list a message.

Also note, the documentation is now at!

Changes since v0.8:

[BUG] #522 - revel new bug
[BUG] - Booking sample error
[BUG] #504 - File access via URL security issue
[BUG] #489 - Email validator bug
[BUG] #475 - File watcher infinite loop
[BUG] #333 - Extensions in routes break parameters
[FTR] #472 - Support for 3rd part app skeletons
[ENH] #512 - Per session expiration methods
[ENH] #496 - Type check renderArgs[CurrentLocalRenderArg]
[ENH] #490 - App.conf manual typo
[ENH] #487 - Make files executable on revel build
[ENH] #482 - Retain input values after form valdiation
[ENH] #473 - OnAppStart documentation
[ENH] #466 - JSON error template quoting fix
[ENH] #464 - Remove unneeded trace statement
[ENH] #457 - Remove unneeded trace
[ENH] #508 - Support arbitrary network types
[ENH] #516 - Add Date and Message-Id mail headers
The full list of commits can be found here.